Vendor Training

NextLevel Health is committed to ensuring that our contracted vendors are compliant with applicable state and federal regulations when providing services to our members on our behalf. State and Federal regulations require that all persons who provide administrative or healthcare services to Medicaid enrollees complete initial and annual training. The attestation form must be completed by an authorized representative within your organization (i.e., Owner, Compliance Officer, Organization Manager/Administrator or an Executive Officer) to attest to compliance with Medicaid program training requirements.

NextLevel Health is required to receive your attestation for the following four (4) trainings:

    • ADA Training
    • Compliance Training
    • NLH Critical Incident Training
    • NLH Cultural Competency Training

NextLevel Health has developed a process to assist each of our contracted vendors with meeting the Medicaid program mandatory training requirements. Each vendor must complete the below training for all employees working with NextLevel Health who provide administrative or healthcare services to medicaid enrollees within 90 days of initial contracting, new employees upon hire, and annually (based on calendar year) thereafter.


Click each of the links below and review the presentation for each course.

Note: If you have your own ADA and/or Compliance training, click the relevant training link below and complete the attestation form. External training for Critical Incident and Cultural Competency will not be accepted.

You must attest that your organization has provided, and will continue to provide, training for all employees (including temporary employees, volunteers and others acting as part of your workforce) and vendors involved in providing administrative or healthcare services for NextLevel Health.

The annual training courses required are: